A Skilled Sailor

I sat one day, thinking about “the path.” School. College. Master’s. Work. Marriage. Kids. Retirement. This is the path we’re all supposed to take, right? This is the path that ensures we’ll someday end up with it all, that we’ll end up happy. But who says that there’s only one path to happiness? I don’t know who started this as the status quo, and for the first time ever, I don’t care.

Smooth seas don’t make skilled sailors, and, by now, I realized that you are in competition with no one but yourself. Your path is just that- your path. For a while there, I was in disarray over the fact that I was feeling out of place in a corporate office. What’s wrong with me!? Why don’t I feel content with my paychecks- why aren’t things making me happy? And don’t get me wrong, I’m eternally grateful to my employers for taking a chance on this bohemian crazy, but at this present time, it’s just not for me.

2014 Charms: St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers & a sailboat for rough waters
2014 Charms: St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers & a sailboat for when the waters get rough

Last year, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. This global opportunity ignited a fiery passion for travel, for indulging in culture, and for making friends in the most random of places. I stumbled upon my favorite little town, Dublin, Ireland, by accident- my boyfriend at the time and I were trying to plan a trip to Berlin and Brussels, and couldn’t find a convenient way to make the multi-destination trip work. It worked out that we could make a pit-stop in Dublin, so that’s what we did. I fell in love.

So why am I bringing up Dublin in this? Because I’m moving to Ireland here in a few weeks. I’m at a fork in the road where I can turn my temporary corporate position into a full-blown big-girl position, or I can have a couple more adventures. I’m trading in Banana Republic pencil skirts for a canvas backpack, because I’m 21 and I’ll be damned if I waste this opportunity. I’m in the process of getting an Irish Working Holiday Visa (stay tuned for a post on that, cause I couldn’t find chet when I tried to research it myself), and it looks like I’m going to be doing that thing where I move to a country where I don’t know a soul again.

Your auto-biography is only going to be as interesting as you make it.




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