I’m Moving to Ireland

“You want a change? That’s why people move a city over, Monique, not a whole continent.”

-my always chipper best friend

A lot of people think my decision to move to Ireland came out of the blue, but it really was an idea in the making since I studied abroad. Studying abroad inspires your vocabulary to gain words such as “wanderlust” and “fernweh,” and if you come home from studying abroad feeling refreshed with a deep desire to never leave your home state again, you’re absolutely doing it wrong.

Dublin - The First Time Around
Dublin – The First Time Around

Since I’ve graduated, I’ve been stalking travel sites and suggesting to my parents that I don’t want to be in corporate America (mentally, I’m way too bohemian for all that at the moment), and that I would 100% be content living in Dublin, working in a coffee shop or perhaps a quaint little book shop. Of course, that’s a romanticized perception of what life would be abroad, but it’s my little dream right?

So there I was, working hours at my corporate job, and hours at my retail job, wondering if this is really what adult life was about. I saw a couple of friends teaching English in Japan and Costa Rica and thought, Hmmm, now why am I in such a rush to be responsible and an adult again?! I want to travel and be responsibly spontaneous. I don’t really want a full-time job right now. I want to explore, and get lost, and learn from my environment. It’s weird, and unnatural, but it’s who I am and there’s no way I’m apologizing for wanting to be different from everyone else who already have the desire to do great things with their careers.

And then one day while at work, my cute fellow travel enthusiast mentioned this thing about an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

It sounded awesome, as I already had a trip to Australia with a friend in the works, and the visa would simply allow me to have a very extended trip. I didn’t know, financially, if Australia was such a good place to move to, but when I found there was an Irish Working Holiday Visa, I knew that was where I was meant to be. (All details about the visa will be disclosed in another blog post- including how you can get one too!).

Sometimes things fall into place miraculously.

If there’s something you want to do, do it. Stop feeding yourself excuses as to why it won’t work out now. Just go for it. Even if it doesn’t work out- hot glam gurl (boy…?) at least you tried. And when you’re 96 years old, sitting with your jet pack perched next to your rocking chair, you’ll look way cool to your half-alien great-grandchildren.





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