Do You (Like, Seriously)

You’re moving to potentially become homeless and jobless. Are you aware of that?

-My mother

My grandma thinks I’m crazy for moving to a new country. I don’t blame her. It makes sense that the older generations, fresh off of the times of uncertainty and total world war, would turn to their friends, Normalcy and Ordinary, to ensure they would have stability in their lives. And in their times, having the same suburbia life as their neighbor was having it all, and I can see why my grandma is desiring so much for me, one of the grandchildren that was actually supposed to do something great with their life, to do that. To do something great. To be something great.

But hey, this is a great thing that I’m doing with my life. My cute-as-a-button grandma wants me to take a 9 to 5 and take a two week vacation like everyone else, but what’s so fun about being everyone else? I’m not cool. And I’m not just saying that because that’s apparently the cool thing to say. I still keep up with Pretty Little Liars because I seriously did not devote my Tuesdays for five years to NOT tune in to the season we find out who the heck A is. My bedspread is twenty-five years old, and I’ll probably have it for another twenty-five years. And I am really excited that I have Cards Against Humanity coming to me in the mail from Amazon.

Take a risk. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Could you end up jobless and homeless? Well, what the heck are you going to do to prevent that from happening? Plan, dude. Be responsibly spontaneous. I taught you better than that. And what if it turns out that my naivety (you know, since I’m just 22 and know nothing about the real world, really) leads this entire experience to be a dud? Who cares. We’ll laugh about this. Not tomorrow, but eventually.

With determination you can literally do anything. Anything, I tell ya.

One thing that I keep hearing from everyone is that they apparently think I’m brave for making this move. It’s not about bravery though, it’s about doing what you feel called to do. What are you being called to do? Are you going to do it? Don’t be the person that keeps telling me, “You’re so brave! I could never do what you’re doing.” Because FRICK YES, YES YOU COULD BE DOING THIS. You can do anything you gosh darn well please, and you should do things that make you happy. Don’t apologize for being you. Eat onions on your Panera sandwich. Buy the onesie. Move to a new continent. Do you.




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