24 Hours of Transit

Traveling is fun. When you’re flying in first class. Champagne. Spa treatments. Ice. The works.

That was not me. I flew in the poor man’s cabin- the equivalent of third class on the Titanic. You know, nice, but not too nice. The kind of nice that suffices for an 8 hour trip.

My dad and Kooks (my youngest brother who absolutely refused to say that he was going to miss me) dropped me off at the airport. We had a nice last drive in rush hour, a nice last dinner at a Pappas seafood restaurant, and a nice last few minutes. Wow, I haven’t even teared up once today! This is a great day!

After a final hug from my dad, I lost it. I was that girl. I also look fourteen, so I can only imagine what people were thinking as they walked by me. Their looks all said Aw, look at that little girl. Traveling for the first time. She’s probably only even flying to Dallas. What an amateur. What a baby. Do you think I can rob her since her eyesight’s all blurry from the tears and dripping mascara?

THEN ON THE PLANE. Oh, let me tell you what happened.

Well, three good things happened first:

1. The lady didn’t charge me for my bag being over 4 kilos.

2. The kindest older man sat next to me, and he even lifted my bags into the overhead compartment for me.

3. My area of the plane was literally 1/4 full, so I had no one in the middle seat. Meaning no elbows jamming into my side, no men snoring in my ear… you get it. And I, by the grace of God, ended up with a seat that had a good 3 feet of wiggle space in front of me as I was in the first row that distinguished us peasants from the second class nobility.


I love movies. I love watching new movies on trips because it makes time go by faster. So, of course, I was delighted when I saw “If I Stay” was one of the movies I could watch, because I hadn’t had the chance to see it. But *spoiler* WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THE WHOLE DANG FAMILY DIES?!?! LIKE, THIS WAS MY TIME OF FEELING TOTALLY SAD THAT I WAS AWAY FROM MY FAMILY AND THEN I HAD TO SIT THROUGH SEEING THIS GIRL LOSE HER WHOLE FAMILY IN A TOTALLY FREAK ACCIDENT CAR WRECK AND WOW.

They say riding in planes causes dehydration, and that’s why you should always make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in transit. But no one ever says it’s because you’ll lose all your fluids bawling like a baby during the movies because you’re feeling a tad sensitive.


More on transitions later. That’s code for, give me a couple of days to get rid of this jetlag, find a real meal to eat, and learn the bus system. At the end of the day, I’m back, safe, in Europe and while things may not be idyllic yet, I know eventually I’ll find my own little space here in my new home.




6 thoughts on “24 Hours of Transit

  1. I’m so THANKFUL that I didn’t have to see you off at the Airport (so selfish, I know – – but Survival 101 Of Your Daughter Leaving Again nonetheless). Relieved that you are doing well!

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