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Sangria and Sunshine – Lisboa

Okay, hear me out. You know how in boxes of chocolates, you have your favorites? You anxiously eat these first, because they’re the best. Then you have the nasty ones, the ones that you know will fail you every time (here’s looking at you, “dark cherry center”). Then you have the ones that you never… Continue reading Sangria and Sunshine – Lisboa

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Denmark – Danishes, Hygge, & an Impressive Nautical Statue

Hygge. So, for those who keep up with ma social media, you’ll have seen that I was recently in Copenhagen. Whilst on a walking tour of the city (in the freezing rain… dedication to the tourism cause), I was told of this Danish concept of hygge. Pronounced hoo-guh, hygge sums up in one word what would… Continue reading Denmark – Danishes, Hygge, & an Impressive Nautical Statue

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Branching Out of Dublin

I took my aunt on an excursion of Kilkenny and Glendalough (pronounced Glen-dah-lock) partly because I hadn’t seen it, and partly because I wanted to show my aunt how beautiful and different all of Ireland can be. For being so small, this country sure is diverse! It was the first day all week that it actually… Continue reading Branching Out of Dublin