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Three Days of Transit – Dublin to Thailand

I wore the same clothes for nearly four days. Same shirt, same socks, same shoes. For almost four days. I could feel my grandparents, modern pioneers who immigrated from Mexico in the 20th century, curse my name. I could hear them saying, I didn’t change my citizenship to have you go without a proper shower and wearing the same undies for over half a week, Monique Yvette! Regardless, it was an adventure, and we’re young, so why not while we’re able to sleep sitting up for multiple nights in a row! Who says travel always has to be glamorous… I digress… we left Dublin on Sunday evening and eagerly headed for our first stop, Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. An overnight flight on Emirates (which is now my new favorite flight experience!) landed us in Dubai on Monday morning. After spending the day exploring Dubai (spoiler alert: nothing to write home about…), we took another overnight flight that landed us in Bangkok on Tuesday morning. We stored our luggage at the train station and spent the day walking around Bangkok. Then, Tuesday night, we took the overnight train to Chaing Mai! We were so relieved to be on an overnight train because they had seats that turned into proper beds, complete with sheets and a pillow! We pulled our individual curtains shut and slept the entire 14 hour journey due to being so extremely tired from sleeping on airplanes the two nights prior.

Finally, after two nights sleeping on planes and a night sleeping on a train, we finally had reached our first vacation spot: Chaing Mai! It only took 7,136 miles and nearly 30 hours of planes and trains to do it. We got settled into our adorable guest house and were ready to take on the day!

The Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world!
The Burj Khalifa in Dubai- the tallest building in the world!
Flashy massive aquarium in the Dubai Mall.
Flashy massive aquarium in the Dubai Mall.
Flashy waterfalls all over Dubai Mall.
Flashy waterfalls all over Dubai Mall.
Elegant temples over Bangkok.
Elegant temples over Bangkok.
Overnight (somewhat-shady) train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai.
Overnight (somewhat-shady) train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai

As far as what I thought about Dubai and Bangkok… both were crowded and flashy. Dubai is very much so a male-dominated culture. Yes, it’s full of expats, and, yes, we were able to eat at Texas Roadhouse, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that men treated us like children at the Dubai airport, and stared at us weird in the metro for reasons I won’t ever understand. It’s always interesting to explore a culture so different than your own, but it’s not always fun to be talked down to simply because we’re females. Overall, I’d never take a vacation there… it’s a little too male-dominated for my slightly feminist tastes. It is also SO HOT. Like, so hot. I could fry an egg on the sidewalk in no time at all. We stayed in the Dubai Mall for most of our day simply because it was too hot to be outside, even to wait for the metro! Temperatures were over 100° while we were there and the sun BURNS, I am not exaggerating.

And Bangkok? Bangkok was also something completely different from what we were used to! Most of the younger people we saw spoke English just fine, but some of the older people struggled to tell us what their prices were. Of course, we didn’t go in expecting it to be completely Western, but it was nice to know that in many places, a fluency in Thai isn’t necessary! Our first impression of Asia was that people were really friendly, but holy moly is Thailand hot at this time of year.






3 thoughts on “Three Days of Transit – Dublin to Thailand

  1. We’ll I have no desire to go to Dubai, Thailand… I have issues with how they treat children and women there. On a positive note, I’m happy that you are able to visit these places. I look forward to reading your next entry. Be safe and know you are loved greatly!!

  2. I am so thrilled you were able to have these experiences with different cultures. I would love to be in your shoes and visit all of these countries! Lucky girl!

  3. Good thing you trained your body to be acclimated to the heat by being a Houstonian! You were mildly prepared for the Dubai and Bangkok heat! Had I known you needed to try to accustom yourself to less than a shower a day, I would have worked on that too! At least you’ve “been there, done that” – – saved me a trip to Dubai and Bangkok!

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