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Seashells and Sun – Krabi, Thailand

After our adventures in northern Thailand, a two hour $40 flight took us down to the opposite end of Thailand to the wonderful beaches of Krabi. We spent nearly a week in this paradise, and we hoped the good weather continued to last as we had yet to have a bad weather day on our trip. Monsoon season, my left butt cheek! we thought, rain doesn’t dare fall on us! The heavens will be smiling down on us this entire trip because we are invincible and need to have our Instagrams lookin’ on fleek with the help of a lil Valencia filtering!

Well, ladies and gents… the heavens decided to pour on our cocky tushies right as we got to the one destination where our sole activity was to play in the sand. GREAT. Luckily, Alex and I are not made of sugar, so we ventured out into the pouring rain… it just wasn’t quite as fun, and we left with a little less of a tan line than expected.

We spent most of our mornings staying in, listening to the rain hit the tin roofs over the (solely cold water) showers on the first floor of the hostel. Krabi was sleepy when it rained, but as soon as the clouds cleared a bit in the early afternoons, the beaches and beach front road became populated with the other tourists brave enough to risk coming to Thailand during the rainy season. We ventured out in the afternoons, hopping from outdoor stall to outdoor stall, seeking solace from the occasional rain clouds who victimized us. On the good days, we actually wore bathing suits to the beach! Building sand castles and playing chicken with the ocean, we made sure to act grateful for the little bit of good weather we were blessed with, even if it wasn’t the ideal sunshine we were anticipating.

After going and going in Europe, it was nice to have a break from the business and just relax. One evening we explored the far left end of the main beach, and got attacked by monkeys! I wish I was making this up. We were mutually scared of one another, but we got as close as we dared to snap a picture. They were really cute, but we had seen one jump on a guy for the bag of fruit he was holding, so we weren’t taking any chances with them potentially mauling our faces off! I may have travel insurance, but the last place I wanted to get facial reconstructive surgery was in a sandy shack where the doctor probably got his job being the cousin of someone important.

Dreamy hills on the walk to the beach!
Dreamy hills on the walk to the beach!
2015-06-29 13.10.46
A day the weather coooperated!
2015-06-29 13.12.28
Pad Thai and tom yum goong (hot and sour) soup.
2015-06-29 13.22.49
Monkey mama and baby at the beach!
2015-06-29 13.28.43
We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset one evening.

The vibe of Krabi was welcoming, though our hostel was a bit too party central for my grandma taste. We also felt safe walking around once it was nighttime, though we played it safe and were back at the hostel by 9 every night! The weirdest thing for me was seeing all the older Western white guys with young Thai girlfriends… I had read that we would see it, but I didn’t expect to see it in the quantity we did! Alex and I developed a code word for these couples and made a game of pointing out these slightly creepy duos. Whatever floats their boat, I guess.

I went to the same stall multiple times a day for my yummy dollar FRESH TO DE AT smoothies!
I went to the same stall multiple times a day for my yummy dollar FRESH TO DEATH smoothies.
Took a trip to a neighboring beach on a long-tail boat!
Took a trip to a neighboring beach on a long-tail boat!
2015-06-29 13.31.24
On Railay beach, which was more secluded and quieter than Krabi!
2015-06-29 13.24.24
It was so eerie to see the fog and rain on the mountains, but not hit us!
Mango sticky rice- a nighttime snack delicacy!
Mango sticky rice- a nighttime snack delicacy!

And so ended the last of our time in Thailand. It was a brilliant two weeks, and I fell way harder for this precious country than I ever anticipated. Fresh fruits, cheap shops, and sandy cheeks are all my love language, and I was so, so happy we made the trip over here! I absolutely can’t wait to explore more of Asia. Even with the weather absolute shite at moments, it was still a beautiful place with scenery I had never seen before. It was like something out of a movie! Thailand is definitely a must-see, and I hope I’m blessed enough to eventually return someday!




2 thoughts on “Seashells and Sun – Krabi, Thailand

  1. Krabi has everything I love about a vacation spot! Thank you for exposing me to places that I probably will never have a chance to see for myself. That mango sticky rice has my name all over it! Thailand has really brought you one-on-one with nature. Appreciate you keeping your distance from the wild monkeys — smart choice! Very cccoooooolll!

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