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Still Not an Expert

“Hey girl! So, since you’re the travel expert, can you help me…”

In the midst of my travel experiences, I’ve often been solicited for travel advice. While I love and welcome any questions people may have regarding seeing the world, by no means am I an expert. I still make mistakes. Has that not been transparent through this experience? Have I somehow forgotten to mention my mishaps on the social medias? Okay, fine. Here are some of my most recent feckups…

The time Alex and I were thisclose to missing our flight out of Paris.

May 2015. I didn’t check how far the airport was and didn’t give us enough time to get there. We got on our shuttle bus that I thought surely would take 45 minutes tops to get to the airport… and an hour and a half later we roll into the terminal, both frantic that we’re gonna miss our flight. Our flight boarded at 3:15 and we arrived to the airport at THREE MOTHA FLIPPIN’ TWENTY. I pleaded with the gate attendant to let us through, and she had mercy on our poor souls and let us through. We were dead last on the plane… but we made it! Moral of the story… always check how much time you need to get to the airport. And then double check. And then triple check.


The time a cabbie tried to get Alex and I arrested for jipping the cab fare.

June 2015. We told the cabbie we only had 200 Baht to get us to the airport. He agreed to the fare, but once we got to the toll road was demanding us to pay the fare. We played dumb and gave him the money out of the original 200 baht we told him we had. When we got to the airport, he wanted the toll fare AND the 200 baht. We told him we didn’t have any more money, and he called the cops over, who detained us outside of the airport. One very long won argument later, we were sent on our way… very annoyed. Always make sure you’re on the same page with the cabbie, and have agreed to a proper fare or an ensuing argument could cost you a missed flight!

Double chins, anyone?
Double chins, anyone?

The time we almost couchsurfed with a druggie.

May 2015. This was probably my most embarrassing moment. We decided to save some bucks and couchsurf in Glasgow, Scotland. When we arrived to the apartment, the guy who answered the door was clearly on drugs, as were the other two people who were staying in the apartment. They were completely kind people, just weird as hell, and, you know, drugged out. Alex and I took one look at each other and I quickly made some excuse up about needing Wi-Fi for a company project… and we ran outta there as fast as our little legs would allow us to! Never compensate safety to save a quick dollar. It is always better to be safe. ALWAYS.

The grass is sometimes damp and your hair doesn't always cooperate.
The grass is sometimes damp and your hair doesn’t always cooperate.

The time Facebook was convinced I was dead.

May 2015. Okay, did I say the past paragraph was embarrassing? I forgot this was even more embarrassing… so I decided to go out with my co-workers from the hostel and some of the hostel guests one fine evening. Long story short, at the end of the evening I slept in the (closed) hostel common room. These German girls wandered into the common space and without waking me to see who I was, or why I had chosen to sleep in the hostel I frikin worked at AKA I BELONGED THERE… they instead decided to take my phone and contact people on Facebook, frantic that I was dead and didn’t belong and had probably been sexually harassed and etc. etc. etc. The best part was that I had to work the next day and they came down to reception to check-out from the hostel and realized that I was that girl from the night before. They were super apologetic for taking my phone but like HELLO ARE YOU INSANE. The damage had been done and now I always keep a password on my phone. Always keep a password on your phone!!! I don’t even know why I didn’t have a password on my phone before. Did I mention to always put a password on your phone? Put a password on your phone people!

A mild example of the messages sent out… I was not talking because I WAS SLEEPING, OMG.

Okay, I’ve embarrassed myself enough for one day. But there you have it. I’m no travel expert. I am experienced though, and usually have street smarts, so don’t let these experiences discredit my street cred. I still know a thing or two about travel… I’m just not immune to making mistakes as one may believe! At the expense of my pride, here are some ugly stories and ugly pictures no filter can help because I want y’all to know it’s okay to not be perfect and have it all together 100% of the time. At the end of the day, we’re all just humans humaning in this wonderful human experience!

Dayum, so glam. London, y'all.
Dayum, so glam. London, y’all.




4 thoughts on “Still Not an Expert

  1. Cool story. It reminds me of when your mom and the rest of my crazy sisters and brother talk about our … Well business. It’s so funny! I am with you on the human aspect, we need to not take ourselves so dog gone serious. I’m trying.

  2. My 22 year old not yet an expert? I beg to differ! You are an expert at reading yourself – – modest as you are! It is through our mistakes (or the mistakes of others that we read about) and close-call mishaps that we gain wisdom. Love reading your perspectives! Keep on being the human you are – perfect to me!

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