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Basically Corkonian

I hopped on the opportunity to venture to Cork this past week with some friends for a quick little escape- but I ended up staying longer than anticipated because #yolo. It was a packed little trip! I was there to see a friend’s film screen in the Cork Film Festival, and ended up doing much so much more than I expected! A road trip to the beach, pints in tiny country-side towns, and a ringing of infamous tower bells rounded out a great week. I also went to my first (and probably last) rave… however, since my parents read this blog, the details of that will be saved for my auto-bio. Hehhh…

2015-11-17 14.50.05
Stopped in a sleepy town to enjoy a pint on the lake
2015-11-17 14.50.57.jpg
Wildlife campaign meant painted elephants were everywhere in town!
2015-11-17 23.11.16.jpg
En route to the beach
2015-11-17 14.52.02
Dreamy winter beach
2015-11-17 14.56.35
Small town vibes- dinner in Clonakilty
2015-11-17 14.55.24
Obsessed with the attention to detail in doors in Ireland
2015-11-17 15.01.02
Loved spending the week with my little Irish bby, Áine!
2015-11-17 14.58.59
A Starbucks in an 19th century building juxtaposed with modern apartment buildings in the back.
2015-11-17 15.01.44
Got to ring the Shandon Bells!
2015-11-17 23.03.21.jpg
A song option. Keep in mind the whole city can hear you play your choice…
2015-11-17 15.03.43
View of Cork from the top of the Shandon Bells!
2015-11-17 15.07.12
Sweets for sale in the English Market in central Cork.
2015-11-17 15.07.54
My Irish friend, Locky, gave me a tour of his old university, University College Cork. Looked like a castle!

I loved getting to end my time in Ireland spending a decent amount of time in Cork, considering that’s where my favorite Irish people hail from. It’s got such a different vibe than Dublin, and I was happy to get out of crazy Dublin for a while! I also loved being able to drive through the countryside. Some of my favorite parts of the week were the simple moments we got the chance to drive through the deep green countryside of Ireland. It’s such a beautiful country, and I’m glad I was able to have this year to appreciate the little lush island on the edge of Europe!






5 thoughts on “Basically Corkonian

  1. Fabulous photos! What a quaint and picturesque town. Pints near water – sign me up! Rave in Ireland? Time for me to get to Googlin’!

  2. Your posts make me want to hurry up and move so I can go back to Europe for a visit. I love the English countryside so I bet I would love the Irish countryside. I’ll have to add that to my list. I kind of wanted to go to Scotland then to Ireland. But Ireland with a kid in tow, maybe not the way I want to enjoy Ireland, based on the pints I will be forced to consume. Although, I only like ice cold beer, so if the beer is room temperature, I can’t do it. I am sure as your trip comes to an end you will be wishing you could stay longer. Enjoy every minute. I can’t wait to hear about the rave story. I wonder if it is like America, laser lights, squatting in an empty building, EDM blasting, blazed out kids soaking in sweat. Hmm to be twenty something…. TMI, I know. Sorry. I can’t help it, it just comes out. Oh one other thing… if someone asks you about your riding boots on one of your outings, let’s see how they react to this answer to the, “Wheres your horse question”.
    Really? Haven’t you ever heard of, “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy”. Duh.
    I know, you’re like,” Tia Mello how many glasses of wine have you had?” this string of words is courtesy of sobriety.

    Love you..Have fun. Don’t really save a horse by riding a cowboy, you ain’t got time for all that.

  3. First of all….I am really going to miss your blogs about Ireland and Europe….and all of the other countries and continents!! My life will be so boring now…..Sigh………..I can’t believe a year has gone by already. The grass was the most beautiful green there. The people were s interesting. The shorelines were diversely rocky then sandy smooth. The baked goods made me want to jump through my computer screen.The pints made my mouth water ….Oh how I would love to taste them all! I am so grateful Ireland was so good to you! Keep squeezing in as many blogs as you can…Even if they are short…I am hanging in there on your every captivating word!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yay Cork!! Loved seeing your photos of it, and the one of Clonakilty! I recognised that since I’ve been spending too much time familiarising myself with it on Google Earth, I hope it’s as fun as it looks 🙂

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