Goin’ to Galway

It’s common knowledge that the weather forecast is never taken seriously in Ireland. Like Texas- albeit, on a colder scale- you can often feel many types of weather all in one day here on the Emerald Isle. That being said… when it came to a recent trip to the coast I took with my flatmate, Maggie, we didn’t even bother checking what the weather would be like. November in Ireland? We knew it would be raining, cloudy, and occasionally sunny as always.

Well, we were right… to an extent. Except, because we didn’t look into the weather, we didn’t know that Storm Barney was headed directly our way. The weather was horrrrrrible, but we managed to make the most of everything!

Our weekend getaway took us to Galway, which is situated on the west coast of Ireland. It’s a little more than a two hour bus journey from Dublin, which is on the east coast. It’s crazy to think this country is so tiny that you can completely get from one coast to the other in less time than it takes for me to go from Houston to Austin in Texas!

2015-11-24 21.26.29
Frozen on the beach
2015-11-24 21.27.52
Maggie attempting to look excited
2015-11-24 21.28.53
The yummiest scone!
2015-11-24 21.30.32
Our cute B&B on the coast
2015-11-24 21.32.31
The Latin Quarter in central Galway
2015-11-24 21.33.15
500-year-old buildings. Crazyyy
2015-11-24 21.35.03
Seafood chowder and Irish brown bread
2015-11-24 21.36.35
A moment of silence for how tiny our water glasses were…
2015-11-24 21.35.49
City cathedrals #StandWithParis

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate, Galway was so pretty! I can only imagine what it looks like when there isn’t hurricane-like winds blowing you down the road. I also didn’t expect it to feel so different than Dublin. While Dublin has the bustle of a city, Galway was much more relaxed and a little bohemian. It was really small, but we still had fun exploring book shops, pizzerias, and centuries-old pubs.

One thing I didn’t expect was how different all the parts of Ireland look. I can’t wait to come back to Ireland and explore the little towns I didn’t get a chance to explore this time around!





2 thoughts on “Goin’ to Galway

  1. I’ve spent some time in Galway but I really need to go back as I only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. (I’ve been twice, both for really short stays.)

    Galway definitely gives off that boho vibe you described. You’re also right about how different the towns can look and feel, all within a country that’s no larger than New York state. 🙂

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