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Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. I)

A few months ago, my dad and I surprised my mom with a round-trip ticket to Dublin. She was overcome with emotion at the thought of leaving her babies (my little brothers) for a week, but alas she was able to overcome that and grew very keen on the idea of seeing my world over here in Ireland. I quickly got to work making an itinerary for us, and soon our travels included several more countries besides Ireland! We’re now about halfway through our whirlwind trip and have been to Dublin, London, and Lisbon. We’re currently in Frankfurt checking out the Christmas market, but that will get its own post because it’s worth it!
To be honest, having my mom here was a little bizarre at first… because having my two worlds collide was something I never expected to happen. It’s been such a blessing to have her here though, because it’s something I always dreamed would happen!  I forgot how goofy and typically American my mom was, so she’s been super embarrassing entertaining to say the least. Especially when she does things like stop in the middle of the sidewalk to start dancing to “Carwash” as it blares from a restaurant’s speakers…
After showing her around a couple of my favorite places in Dublin, we flew away to London- my absolute favorite city in the world! It was my 4th trip to London this year and each time I still am starstruck by Big Ben. We walked about 14 miles on out biggest sightseeing day and were absolutely wrecked by the end of the day. My mom- who’s used to driving everywhere and considers cardio to be the walk from the couch to the pantry for a Kit-Kat- did so well! I’m so proud that she hasn’t complained about walking at all. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to give me the satisfaction of letting me know she can’t handle the walk…
Our next stop was Lisbon. This is my favorite little underrated city! Everyone was so kind, and we stayed in a proper hostel (albeit, one of the nicest ones in the city), so my mom could see what that experience would be like. While in Lisbon, we ate local food, visited a Catholic pilgrimage site in Fatima, and enjoyed the warmer winter weather we’re so used to back home in Texas!

2015-12-04 13.16.12
Showing Mama my favorite place in Dublin- charming St. Stephen’s Green.
2015-12-04 13.18.36
My favorite space in my favorite place!
2015-12-04 13.17.19
I HATE selfies but she insisted on one in front of Buckingham. And you never disobey Mama…
2015-12-04 13.19.17
Exploring the back roads of London.
2015-12-04 14.39.51
Typical gray English weather… but, like, dem beautiful English buildings doeee
2015-12-04 13.21.49
Everywhere was decorated so nicely for Christmas!
2015-12-04 14.40.34
Mama (in the puffy white all-weather jacket) making herself comfortable for the perfect shot in the old court room.
2015-12-04 14.41.26
On an English train. Mama was horrified I didn’t brush my hair this day.
2015-12-04 14.41.59
Selfie lover strikes again on the English train.
2015-12-04 13.19.58
Favorite desserts in Portugal: pasteis de Belem!

It’s been a crazy busy week, but traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do and it’s been so much fun getting to experience these things with my mom. I haven’t taken as many pictures because I’ve been savoring my moments in Europe before I return to Texas next week. Plus, my mom has taken 10,000 pictures on her camera- so more will be posted later! We still have a couple stops left before Dublin, so I’ll definitely be updating soon about all that!



16 thoughts on “Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. I)

    1. It’s been amazing! She was hesitant to come on the trip because she didn’t want to leave my brothers but every day she gushes about what great days we’ve been having- trip of a lifetime!!!

  1. It looks like you are both having a wonderful time! Your hair looks beautiful in that un-combed look! Both you and your mom are so beautiful. Have a great time! Wish I was there, but 14 miles, I better work out before I ever go!

    1. It’s funny- at first my mom didn’t think she’d manage the walk… and now at the end of the day she’s all, “We’ve only walked 8 miles!” She’s been Europe-fied!

  2. So proud of you !!! Your mama is so sweet, always haso been. I’m so happy both of you create unforgettable memories ( embarrassing or not) haha. Your mom did an outstanding job in raising a fine young lady. Looking fwd to more of your blogs. Oh I’m your mamas cousin on your grandma ninfa side.

  3. OMG! Now I am super Jealous! You guys sound like you are having a fabulous time. You even made me think for about 3 seconds…My tubes aren’t tied, maybe I should give it another go and see if God blesses me with a daughter so I would have chance at having a wonderful daughter like you. Then I came to my senses and said, “what the hell just came out my brain?!” I’m jealous, but not that dang jealous. Over Thanksgiving break, Jordan agreed to go skiing in Switzerland but I don’t think he would do a whirlwind trip like you guys are doing. Alex loves Italy, so I can’t wait to hear all about what your Mom thinks about it. I am over the moon happy that she is there with you. She is a great Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister & Friend, and she deserves every second of this trip. I can’t wait to see the pics!!! oh by the way…that profile pic on the English train… so fab! Eat a chocolate croissant and one of those golden twist pastries with the mini chocolate chips in them along with a cafe o’lait for me in Paris. Smooches…

  4. Interesting your mom embarrassing, line it out and put entertaining. I believe you are American and were that ‘typical American’ at one point. Get off your high horse and get a real job– Cheers!

  5. Hilarious! I love all the photos and the jabs at your mom! She is so funny and missed her calling as a comedienne! She cracks me up with her CAR WASH dance moves! I do stuff like that too and the kids get soooo embarassed!!! When we were kids we did Variety Shows at home in the living room and had so much fun being entertainers…..There is almost nothing we won’t do to get a laugh. I am sure you are busting at the seems with each border! Have a great memorable time! Also, if I were you I would never brush my hair. You looked amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. She was so entertaining! Never failed to make me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face. I’m sure the others around us were wanting to have a sip of whatever they thought we were drinking at 10 am!

  6. This made me laugh, because I totally pictured my Tia randomly dancing to “car wash” in the street 😂😂 I love you both 💋 And random person…my family is on this site, so I won’t say what I think about you and your 2 cents.

    1. hahaha I love when anonymous people comment… like why take the time out of your day to read and then take time out of your day to post a comment? I have better things to do, but I guess not all of us can have nice lives 🙂

  7. So wonderful that you both got to have such a very special Mother/Daughter experience. Even better that you were in Europe for awhile and invited her into your new life and world. Blessings to you both!

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