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CHRISTMAS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. The food. The smells. The gifts. The music. The Jesus. I love it all, and I always look forward to December because I truly feel that it’s the most wonderful time of the year! When my mom mentioned she wanted to squeeze in a trip to a German Christmas market, or a weihnachtsmärkte as they refer to it in Deutschland, I was more than chuffed to place it into our agenda. If anything sums up the Christmas spirit, it’s a trip there! The Christmas vibes warm you right up like a cup of hot and spiced gluhwein, and you always leave in a joyful mood. It’s absolutely one of my favorite experiences of all time to do!

My mom and I made our way to Frankfurt, Germany from Lisbon, Portugal and got settled in for a quiet night. We knew we’d need our energy for the next day! We spent the entire day at the market looking into all of the stalls for cute little gifts, unique ornaments, and a sneaky treat or two. There are several treats you have to get at these things: Bethmännchen (traditional almond-y cookies), lebkuchen (gingerbread-y cookies in cute shapes, typically decorated with icing), and gluhwein (mulled wine). If you’re a meat-eater, the sausages are the best I’ve ever eaten, as well!!! And that’s saying something, considering I’m from the south AKA home of the brave… and BBQ.

2015-12-06 01.12.15
Festive booths at the market!
2015-12-06 01.13.31
Grillin’ sausages
2015-12-06 01.47.03
Ornaments for dayssss
2015-12-06 01.10.58
Mama and her mulled wine (that came with a keepsake mug!)
2015-12-06 01.14.13
2015-12-06 01.47.59
“Look! The perfect lebkuchen for you! HA HA!” -Mama
2015-12-06 01.49.17
Stacking keepsake mugs
2015-12-06 01.12.48
Festive booths at the market!
2015-12-06 01.11.33
Delicious potato pancakes with spicy mayo!
2015-12-06 01.48.46
Organized chaos and neverending booths!
2015-12-06 01.09.37
Chocolate-dipped fruit and a cute view!
2015-12-06 01.08.10
German trinkets for sale in one of the shops
2015-12-06 01.08.59
Eating, as always.

I went to the Berlin Christmas market in 2013 and now to the Frankfurt market and I think both of them are great! For a longer trip, I’d suggest the Berlin market only because there’s more to do and see and it feels more like Germany than Frankfurt. Frankfurt has a proper downtown with skyscrapers and such and hardly feels like what you’d imagine Germany to be… but for a quick trip and for our purpose, it suited us perfectly! The Frankfurt Christmas market is situated in an old part of central Frankfurt so you do get a good shot for Insta if that’s your thing. Overall, I loved our short time in Germany and can’t wait to check out the Munich Christmas market… hopefully, next year!!!





6 thoughts on “Weihnachtachtsmärkte

  1. You were right. Germany did need it’s own storyline. I love the shots that you posted. I must admit Germany has not been on my list of places to visit, but I’ll be adding it to my list now. I would totally want to do it during the holidays after looking at these pictures. I’ll be making some mulled wine tonight. I couldn’t possibly let your Mama to drink alone. Cheers

  2. Everything looks so festive there! I would love to visit!! I imagine the people there must love Christmas to make a whole area of Christmas things. Love it!

  3. Your mom picked the right time of year to go to Europe for sure. Every city you go to is decorated and festive. Am I the only one to notice her hair has grown 4-5 inches since I last saw her (extensions??? lol). You both sound like you’re having a fabulous time together. #Blessed.

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