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Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. II)

After Frankfurt, our travels took us to Rome and France. Mama’s first impression of Rome was that it was really dirty- we arrived late at night to our B&B by Termini station (the main train station), and it was smothered in grafitti. But through the tagging, shoving (is it really so hard to say excuse me!?), and reckless traffic… shines an ancient city full of wonderful food and brilliant weather. When that first plate of carbonara is placed in front of me, on the outdoor patio of a classic Italian restaurant…all my worries instantly melt away. Yummm, carbonara. Finish that off with a cappuccino and a tiramisu and you’ve knocked yourself into a food coma guaranteed to last seven years. Or, at least until you spot the next gelato stand.

We had two full days in Rome and definitely made the most of them! Sightseeing at touristy spots like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain- accompanied by the best sunny winter weather we could’ve asked for- made for a great day. Our second day we spent at the Vatican. We were able to celebrate mass in St. Peter’s, and even got to hear the Pope give a speech and blessing afterwards in the massive St. Peter’s Square. Mama said it was one of the best moments of her life, and I agreed that this was easily in my top three moments. It even almost topped the time I saw Paul McCartney in concert in 2012… and that’s saying something, y’all!

Our last stop was supposed to be Paris, but we instead decided to stay in the small town of the airport we flew into. I had been to Paris in May, and Mama just felt she needed a chill day in the French countryside. Our B&B was beautiful, and we had a relaxing day exploring the small Christmas market, walking through picturesque streets, and admiring the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Beauvais (a massive gem of a cathedral located right in central Beauvais). It was a lovely end to our trip!

2015-12-09 14.47.09
Indulged in so many cappuccinos!
2015-12-09 14.47.49
Tiny little cobblestone streets
2015-12-09 14.49.35
Gelato at the Trevi fountain
2015-12-09 14.51.49
The Colosseum
2015-12-09 14.54.00
2015-12-09 14.54.44
Took Mama to the Vatican and she lost her chet
2015-12-09 14.56.22
Beauvais cathedral in France!
2015-12-09 14.57.18
It definitely felt different than Paris!
2015-12-09 14.59.24
Mama made me limbo in front of everyone at the airport…

I can’t believe this expat year is already over! A year ago today (I only know because it’s my dad’s birthday, and I shared during breakfast), I told my parents I was applying for a Working Holiday Visa. And now, here I am planning my next moves already. Life is cray, y’all. Savor every moment, ’cause it flies by!






5 thoughts on “Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. II)

  1. Monique thank you for blogging your travel experiences! If you wrote a book, I would definitely enjoy it! That is saying something since I don’t like any authors (period). Your photos made it a reality and I could almost taste the pastries and smell the mulled wine! Again, I invite you to write a book ASAP! You could be the next BIG THING! You already are in my book. Until then, I will be sad if I don’t see any more writings from you!

    1. I definitely would want to write a book about it! If only people knew how easy it was to live abroad post-grad with this visa… I definitely want to help others live their dreams of traveling the world! A book would certainly help the cause 🙂

  2. Many years ago, I wrote that a dream of mine was to visit Europe. Now, because of you (and Dad), I WENT THERE!!!! I know I was only good company 98% of the time, so thanks for your patience and forgiveness for my 2% shortcomings. The Vatican was more wonderful than I had imagined —– ahhhh, the holiness, the art, and architecture!!!! I loved walking on the roads so many had walked on before me for more than 600 years… wowed me! I love you, Litttle Smart and Beautiful One!

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