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Mardi Gras

A couple weeks ago, it came up in conversation that 1. I had never been to Mardi Gras and 2. that it was on my bucket list. Flash forward to this past weekend, and I found myself on a last-minute road trip with my friend from high school, Libia, trekking to New Orleans for all of the Mardi Gras festivities.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Why I hadn’t been before, I don’t know, but it was a blast! On our first day alone, we took a ferry from the Westbank to the Eastbank to wander the French quarter, went gambling (where Libia won EIGHTY DOLLARS and we almost lost our minds with excitement, even though to seasoned gamblers this was nothing), and then weaved through the crowds and danced till 5 am on Bourbon Street.

2016-02-09 23.24.28
In the French Quarter with Lib
2016-02-09 23.27.00
Eating muffalettas as big as our heads
2016-02-09 23.23.21
Double fisting begneits
2016-02-09 23.24.53
Bourbon Street shenanigans

Not to mention, we had great food. Zapp’s chips, legendary muffulettas from Central Grocery in the French Quarter, beignets from Cafe Du Monde, and boudin. YUM.

We made time to go to two of the main parades, Thoth and Endymion. I had only been to a couple parades in my life, but nothing could have prepared me for a Mardi Gras parade. They were three hours long, and the bands were so good! We were thrown so many beads, and Libia even had a bag of plastic light-up swords pelted at her. It was insane. And I loved every single minute of it.

2016-02-09 23.21.21
Freezing but it was so worth it
2016-02-09 23.20.37
So tired and so festive!
2016-02-09 23.30.29
Conquered the bead scene
2016-02-09 23.29.42
Stopped at Adrian’s Bakery for the best homemade king cake
2016-02-09 23.28.44
Super elaborate floats


2016-02-09 23.28.10
Lib caught beads from Jerry Springer

I also ran into two people on our road-trip! In the French Quarter, I was walking past Cafe Du Monde and ran into a guy, Dan, that had slept in the bunk next to mine in Paris last summer when I was backpacking through Europe. Him, Alex, and I had run all around Paris over the course of four days, picnicking on the Eiffel Tower lawn, and taking walking tours. He’s from New England too, so we were extra surprised to see each other! AND THEN on the way back home, Libia and I decided to take a pit-stop at L’auberge, a casino in Lake Charles. And we ran into my aunt! What are the odds. These things always happen to me.


If you haven’t been to Mardi Gras, make it a priority in the years to come! New Orleans is such a gem and has such pretty historical buildings and traditions. The energy is crazy during this time of year and everyone is so nice. Like, SO NICE. Cajuns are the nicest people I have EVER met, and that’s saying something because I’ve grown up in the south yet they are even nicer than Texans (and that’s saying something). I can’t wait to go back!




2 thoughts on “Mardi Gras

  1. Why and how you are inspiring me to go to events that are taking place right next to the great state of Texas, I’ll never understand. It’s puzzling how your blog posts don’t start with “20 years ago my Mom and Dad visited ***(insert city here)*** and tore up the town, so I knew I had to get there myself”, but instead I’m posting a reply stating, “You did it again! You’ve convinced me once again that I need to go to ***(insert city here)***” Thanks for testing the waters for me! Mardi Gras New Orleans, here I come!!!!!!! Oh, and thanks for the King Cake – – it lived up to the native’s recommendation and was totally delicious!!!!!!

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