Winning London

Let’s just get this out of the way… I was let go from my job yesterday. Have you ever been fired? It’s the weirdest experience. One minute you think you’re safe and cozy in your corporate world, and the next… you’re unemployed. My regional director let the other three coordinators go early, and then called me into her office five minutes later.

“Do you have a sec? Come into my office!”

I sit down, and her big ole blue eyes look straight through me as she brightly tells me- and I numbly listen- that the company is going in a different direction, I don’t have the job anymore, and that’s that. She immediately walks me out, and today tells the other coordinators that we had a “heart to heart” and makes it sound like we mutually came to this agreement… which I mean… okay.

It’s fine, that’s fine. I’m fine. Because in this past month I’ve realized that I need to make moves to do what I want to truly do- and that’s work in the travel sector and tourism industry. Two weeks into my job, I interviewed someone in the tourism industry and I casually told her she had my dream job. We talked a LOT, and she told me I needed to go for what I want, like, yesterday. It was then that I realized that your 20s are for adventuring, discovering yourself, and curating the best you that you can be. It’s been a hot minnit since I’ve been on a plane, and I’m going stir-crazy over here! And I’m always going to have excuses for why it isn’t the right time to do certain things but sometimes you have to just suck it up and GO FOR IT. BECAUSE BETCHES GET CHET DONE. And it’s okay to not know where exactly you’ll get spit out on the other end of your adventure, because hell, we’re in our twenties and still trying to navigate everything. We’re all fakin’ it till we make it. It’s okay! My grand plan I have also involves finally going back to school for my masters. So…

about a month ago, I applied to the University of Westminster in London for their Social Media, Society and Culture MA program. And, y’all. Two weeks ago, they let me know… I GOT IN. I got into grad school. At the University of Westminster. Which is the highest ranked university for communication studies in the UK. And in the top 20 for communication schools worldwide. AND IT’S IN LONDON. MY FAVORITE CITY ON THE PLANET. Like. Literally. What.

I told a few friends, but kept it from the world solely because I was at this job and I’d have to decide here soon whether to leave it to pursue school, or stay in Texas and work a little longer. So basically, getting fired was the best thing that could’ve happened because the heavens basically told me, Yo, girl. Imma let you finish but I got the greatest plan worked out for you of all time, and now I don’t have to decide between staying at a job or leaving to go to school.

So… there’s a lot to do before school starts in September. Like get scholarships. Read up on the Queen. Find a place to live. Buy a lot of black clothes. But I’m SO READY to begin working towards my dreams. I was terrified to apply to grad school, because I feared I wouldn’t get in. But I did! Dreams are scary, but it’s thrilling when we accomplish them.

Well, here we are again. We pack the bags, head to the foreign country and have a new adventure. Life works out in such a funny way sometimes, but I truly believe in kismet and everything that is meant to be, will find a way to be. Cheerio! And off we go!



London is ALWAYS a good idea!

5 thoughts on “Winning London

  1. You are succeeding in achieving the realization of your dreams, and it’s been so rewarding and enjoyable to watch from the sidelines. I admire your quick ability to dust yourself off after a tumble. You know that I am your biggest cheerleader (and annoying pebble in your shoe), and I look forward to being with you through this next phase of your life. Go on with your bad self Little One! I love you more than love!

  2. Our beautiful Unique Monique….So proud of you for taking a leap of faith and following your passion. We are thrilled that you are going to be living in Andy’s country and getting to know the beauty that England has to offer you. I am looking forward to your adventures while there and hopefully we will be able to see each other when we go on holiday. Andy is working on a contract out there and is likely going out there in May sometime. I’ll let you know once its booked in case you need him to get some information for you while he’s out there. I wish I was going to live in London too! So JELLY! Love you girl! You better start practicing “English” so you know what people are talking about. Cheers!

  3. Congratulations on being accepted in grad school. I don’t even know why you would worry in not getting accepted, I know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Have fun, enjoy your 20’s and make us even prouder of you. I’ll be looking forward to read your new adventures.

  4. Monique you know I am your biggest fan (think Misery) haha! (JK) I love reading your blogs…I can’t wait for you to attend grad school in London!!!! This is such an amazing adventure.. We are so proud of you…This is surreal! Not that you are going to this phenomenal, prestigious elite school in London, but that YOU ARE GOING TO THIS PHENOMENAL PRESTIGIOUS ELITE SCHOOL IN LONDON!!!!!!!!!!! What an achievement! Please place me on the list to attend graduation as I know you will thrive and triumph in your next educational undertaking. God bless you and accompany you in your journey each day! …..Note to self: Get passport quickly !

  5. Life is funny; you never know what is going to happen next. One thing is certain, there are always going to be major changes. I love that you acknowledge the little bloopers that make you ask, ” Ok, What the he double toothpick was that?” But you keep on truckin. I am as excited as you are to see what God has especially packaged for you. Love you so much, in this “thing” we call life.

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