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Hello, Dublin, My Old Friend

Apologies for the delay in writing… one moment you’re applying for grad school, the next you’re way deep in articles, class, and the underground. But, I’m back!

I decided to dip out on America early and head to Ireland two weeks before my MA program began to catch up with my Ireland friends, eat every scone possible, and creep on my old ‘hood. It’s weird to be a visitor in a place you once lived. I feel a lifelong connection to the place, but am no longer directly connected to it. Much like visiting my old college town, it feels nice to visit Dublin, but I do feel like the chapter is closed in a peaceful way.

There’s almost a dollhouse effect in Dublin- that is, my friends still live in the same Georgian townhome, my favorite cafe is still in the same block of shops that have stood for 150 years, and my favorite park still remains as it was when it was enclosed with a wall in 1664. When I leave Texas and come back to it a year later, the entire landscape can change. Not so much in Dublin. I came back nearly a year later, and everything seems to be as I left it. I kinda like it that way.

My old street!
I finally got explore Howth, a fishing village close to Dublin.
Howth’s Saturday market had everything I needed in life.
The weather was surprisingly sunny and warm in Dublin!
Made homemade vegan peach turnovers with Maggie… and dey was good.
The hostel in Temple Bar I lived in my first week of Ireland living! (I do NOT miss it.)
Bye, Dublin!

The first thing I did when I arrived in Ireland almost two years ago was walk through Temple Bar, and tried to pretend I wasn’t apprehensive of moving somewhere new. The last thing I did this time before moving to London was walk through it once more. And it was so different this time. No longer am I scared of making a nest of somewhere foreign. I have an insatiable desire to roam and explore and challenge myself via a plunge into the unknown. Cheers to London, to old friends and new, and for doing what you love. Carpe diem!




2 thoughts on “Hello, Dublin, My Old Friend

  1. I can’t imagine how much adrenaline is stored inside of you each day! You are such a courageous traveling pioneer. I love it!!! Love you!!

  2. I was hoping we’d get an update from you 🙂 . I figured you’re caught up in all there is to do in London (and school, there is that). I’m patiently awaiting the adventures to come!

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