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London – the One Month Update


I can’t believe that I’ve already been in London for a month! Time is flying here and I’m trying to savor it because I know it’s going to be over in a hot minnit. Here are some life updates:

I only have classes two days a week- I’m taking three classes that each meet once a week for three-hour blocks. I’m fascinated by my content and culture class! We have to answer questions like, What counts as private? If something is on my personal Facebook, is it really private, or is it the property of Facebook? Who owns our profile? Should our profiles be allowed to be sold? Should there be laws regulating these things, or does power of norms suffice? I know when I tell people what my MA is in, they scoff and say lolz so u study Facebewk but it’s honestly so much more than that. Like I said, I’m fascinated by all of it.

I’m working as a barista (again!)- I had all these ambitious plans to get a rockin’ part-time job at Buzzfeed UK, or Burberry (whose HQs are a 5 min walk from me), but I want to go home for the whole 6 weeks we get for Christmas break and that just would not be possible had I gotten a big girl job. I may stop making lattes next semester, but I really like my cute little co-workers so maybe I’ll stay there… plus, it’s hard giving up free coffee!

I’m contributing to the university blog- I’ll be a content curator, which I’m so excited about! They had nearly 40 applicants and only two of us were already running personal blogs, which I’m sure helped my chances in getting the job. I’ll basically be linking my blog to theirs, so I’m really optimistic for the traffic my little blog will start to see. SO stoked to start optimizing my cultural opportunities in London!

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ELECTION CYCLE TO BE OVER- I knew that American politics permeate into other cultures, but I never expected to be asked DAILY if I’m voting for Trump. But I am! Even in my classes, where 90% of the students are from China, a country where Facebook and Google are blocked… I am constantly asked my thoughts. I am grateful to come from a country whose culture is known world-wide, but at the same time I sometimes wish we were a little less… abrasive.

I love London!!!- Overall, I have really really really loved living here. London has always been my favorite city in the world, and if someone told 9-year-old Monique (who faked a British accent and absolutely obsessed over the Beatles) that she’d not only be visiting London but living there all before 23, she would’ve peeped over her Babysitter’s Club book for 2 seconds only to roll her eyes and say, “FAT CHANCE.” Yet, here we are!

I hope to post more regularly now that I’ve settled in so stay tuned for mo’ from Mo!






4 thoughts on “London – the One Month Update

  1. Savor each moment. After all, you are a student. You can enjoy being a student; one day you may be like me, a worker. Although, I am always open to completing my terminal degree. I love your blog and I look forward to your next entry.

  2. Yes!! More blog materials please!!! It is my escape from this madness over here in America!! Haha!! I want to know more about your friends and conversations. What do they think of you for real? I must know.

  3. Love love love ❤️ And so looking forward to mo’ from Mo! Emily is loving Franciscan and looking forward to her semester in Austria! Oh, my adventurous babies!! 😍

  4. Hello fellow bloggers! If any of you wouldn’t mind commenting on my posts, it would be great if you helped us with our school project on getting as many comments as we can. Thank you and God Bless!

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