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Happy Thanksgiving!

Going through immigration at the Dublin airport as I was en-route to see my Irish friends for Thanksgiving was…interesting. I no longer have an active residency card, but I still feel Ireland woven through my veins. The immigration officer asked me a million questions as to what I was doing there as if I didn’t belong. And although I no longer call it home, a part of me will always feel at home in Da Dubs.

Being from different backgrounds and cultures, I am constantly learning from my friends there. Maggie and her hubs are vegan, so we had a vegan Thanksgiving- something I never thought I’d experience! Some recipes were easy to swap ingredients out for (soya for milk and aquafaba for eggs), but others (like our main, a vegan sausage roll) were definitely interesting attempts. At the end of the night, we fused our cultures and popped Christmas crackers to ring in the official start to the festive Christmas season!

Obviously candid
Just a couple of  (blurry) Katy kids in Ireland!
St. Stephen’s Green- favorite place in Dublin
So quaint

In addition to feasting, we also went out dancing at some of our favorite places, ate one of the best Irish breakfasts I’ve ever had, and even had a failed attempt to Black Friday shop. Black Friday is catching on quick over here- can you believe it!? We kept busy and it was a packed three days. I love my visits “home,” and I never realize just how much I miss it until I return. I love London’s energy, but I also love Dublin’s coziness.

This holiday season, I’m thankful for my health, being able to take advantage of global opportunities, and family both blood and of the heart. Although it kind of makes me sad that some of my favorite people on the whole planet live on a tiny island off the coast of Europe… it gives me a great excuse to travel and see them all muahaha

To my Ireland cuties, thank you. Love y’all forever and ever.






2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I am so grateful that you have people that love you throughout the world. You are blessed, and I can see that you realize it! Interesting feasting – – way to expand your pallette. I love you, Sunshine and will be glad to have you back in Texas soon!

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