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A Harry Potter Christmas

Months ago when I was still in Texas, I saw a Groupon for the Warner Bros Studio Tour of Harry Potter here in London, and I impulsively bought it. It was £49 (which y’all already know I brought down to £39 because I found a coupon code), and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t made friends yet to go with, or that it might interfere with my class schedule. I WAS GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER WITH ME, MYSELF, AND I.

Got the chills seeing the sign

The Groupon was for a special Christmas-themed tour in December, which included special extras like dinner, Butterbeer in a special keepsake mug, and a secret souvenir. Because it is the holiday season, they also featured special touches like Christmas decorations throughout the sets, and their massive Hogwarts model covered in artificial snow. Harry Potter and Christmas? DONE.

I was able to take the train from central London right into Watford Junction, at which point there’s a cheap (£2.50 round-trip) shuttle that takes you straight to the studio tour. From the outside, the studio looks like any other backlot, but once inside you’re immediately greeted by the magic and your former 8 year-old book nerd self will squeal and say hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of! 

The first room we saw!
Even HP’s dorm was decorated!
My future office
A tiny sip of Butterbeer
The HUGE Hogwarts model used in the films
Diagon Alley

I spent about three hours in the tour, because I wanted to look at everything. I did get the audio guide, but I didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary unless you’re a diehard fan. I think what also makes this tour special is that because most people only get to experience it once, they usually act really excited throughout the tour because they actually appreciate every single set and tidbit and prop. It’s awesome to see so many people come together over HP! And about that Butterbeer? It was SO SWEET. And bubbly. I don’t think it’s my favorite thing in the world to drink, but I managed to get it down in the spirit of things.

Overall, the tour was pricey but definitely worth it. Y’ALL. I teared up multiple times because seeing some of my favorite sets come to life was seriously so magical! And that’s saying something because I have the emotional level of Kourtney Kardashian i.e. non-existent. If you’re in London and a fellow HP nerd, check out this tour ASAP. And if you got an extra free ticket, holla at cho gurl, ’cause I could honestly spend days wandering through their sets!




One thought on “A Harry Potter Christmas

  1. I teared up just reading about your adventure. From watching you spend 10 hours reading the latest novel cover to cover in one day, to you walking the studio…oh my goodness! Amazing, simply amazing! You is living! I love it, every bit of my peek into your adventure!

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