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America the Beautiful

My masters program gave us five whole weeks off for Christmas so naturally I came straight home to mama to spend the holidays with those I love most! I love London, and it continues to remain my favorite city in the world… to visit. Living here is incredibly fun, and but wow is it expensive! I’ve spent most of my time since graduation living in Europe, but I feel now that it’s time for me to settle in the States. People keep asking me where my next adventure will take me once I graduate, but I’m done jettin’ off for now. Honestly, I just want to start my career back home, and have a permanent address and car again! Eat some Chick-Fil-A. Enjoy my free refills. Breakfast tacos. Although, you never know what global opportunities tomorrow may bring!

Over break, I got to spend some solid time in Texas with my friends, rang in the new year in Florida, and spent a week in Vail tearing up the mountains! And y’all. America is BIG. So big, that one day I was wearing shorts and running errands in my hometown, and the next I was knee-deep in snow in Colorado attempting to brave the cold. You just don’t find that in England…

Traditions with Bubby
Florida sunsets
Denver Biscuit Co.
Before I wiped out 35 times
Real snow!
Gondola escapes

One of my main goals when I return to the States for good is to see more of it! I’ve explored the South, and have seen LA and New York City, but I want to experience fall in New England. Camp in Yellowstone in Wyoming! See the grizzly bears in Alaska. Eat my way through Chicago. Embrace rainy Seattle. Selfie with Mount Rushmore. You get the point. America has so much diversity and has so much to offer. I’m so inspired after these little worldly adventures of mine to not only continue wandering internationally, but also now begin the deep exploration of everything America.

Bye, USA! See you soon.






2 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

  1. Although you were home for more than a month, I miss you so much already! It’s a joy to read your travel adventure blog posts, but I enjoy our couch conversations over a cup of hot tea much more! Enjoy your Spring Semester abroad because once you’re back, I may not be as agreeable to so much time apart ever again!

  2. Monique I am so glad you are deciding to return back to America!!!! After I traveled to many countries abroad, I always felt like kissing the ground when I landed back in America!!! Enjoy your remaining visits in Europe. Best wishes on your finalization of your Masters Degree!! Keep the blog going, it is the ONLY thing I enjoy reading these days. 🙂

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