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It has been a crazy month! I came back to London at the end of January entirely ready for this semester but never anticipated all that February would bring. I have new classes, a new job, and a new flat. A few updates…

My spring courses are all going great so far and I can’t believe I’m already in my 5th week of classes! I’m taking classes on communication policy and development, critical theory of social media, and diversity in the media. It’s so interesting to be surrounded by so many non-Americans in class, as I’m able to hear all sorts of perspectives on every topic imaginable. I was also assigned my dissertation supervisor and I’m really excited as I was paired with my fave prof from last semester!

I also began a new job this semester in the realm of international education! I’m working as a student services coordinator for International Studies Abroad (ISA), and am completely loving it so far. I love how my days vary here! Some days I’m here in the office, researching for newsletters, planning itineraries, and InDesigning guides. Other days, I’m taking the kids studying abroad through our London programs on day trips all around England. In these past two weekends alone, I’ve been to Stonehenge, Bath, Canterbury, AND Dover! ISA is also headquartered in Texas, which may turn out to be very convenient for me come summer when I leave London…

My student accommodation days are over! Although I liked my room, I had the WORST psycho neighbor and literally would have to lock myself in my room to prevent ending up on the 5 o’clock news. Luckily, I was recently able to move somewhere more peaceful, cheaper, and didn’t have to sacrifice my central location as I moved into the flats just two blocks away from my old place! I like that I can still hear the train rumbling outside, and that I can still see the MI6 Building from my bedroom window. I know the church around the corner, and exactly how long it takes to grab a chai latte from my friends at the local Starbucks. And I can still see Big Ben on my commute home- something I don’t think I’ll ever really get used to #StarstruckAnglophileMo.

My quintessential London office
Walking home on Albert Embankment
Get to spend a lot my non-office “office time” in Notting Hill
A quiet morning at Stonehenge
The Roman Baths of Bath
Dover Castle
Canterbury Cathedral peeking from the narrow cobblestone
Canterbury Cathedral interiors
Concrete jungle bedroom views

I found myself struggling last semester as I transitioned back to school and back to life away from my family, but as Sam Cooke once sang, a change is gonna come, oh yes it will. And a change has come! You can feel it in the way the wind is starting to not bite as hard, and in the way the sun is finally starting to go down after 5:30 again. Spring is around the corner, and everything is new and vibrant and I’m so in love with life right now. There’s so much to be excited for, and I plan on making London my playground to the fullest extent this year!




3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes!

  1. Love the photos, and that you’re loving life in London! It looks and sounds amazing. Glad you’ve moved to a safer place & congrats on the new job.


  2. I feel like I am the one living this life in London! You are so detailed ! What a great life I am living ! The photography is amazing too !!

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