We’ll Always Have London

I like being abroad and meeting new people but sometimes I miss being around Texans. My people. The ones to whom I can shout THE STARS AT NIGHT, ARE BIG AND BRIGHT – and they can immediately finish the line without hesitation. This past week I was able to host two of my friends from high school, Lib and Andrea, and it was nice to be able to have a piece of home here with me. Andrea also brought me ro-tel and velveeta, so I was extra excited to see them!

I love having guests because it gives me a chance to really appreciate my city and be super touristy. Although I had to work and go to university like normal, they spent their days wandering every crevice of London and I met them when I could (mainly at dinnertime, my favorite hour of the day).

Afternoon tea- one of my favorite London activities!
Beijing Dumpling, my favorite eat in Chinatown
I snuck in a Chelsea match too, wassup.
A cloudy day at Borough Market
Wandering the mazes of vintage shops in Shoreditch
Indian food on Brick Lane!
They snuck a tattoo sesh while I went to church lolz
A final English breakfast
The night we tried to go out till 4AM
A cream tea afternoon
Our final evening at my favorite spot. Hi, Ben!

Overall, I think it was a successful trip for everyone! As an introvert, I always get a tad nervous to host people for but no one died so I think it’s safe to say it went alright! Next, I have my Irish friends coming to town tomorrow morning, which I’m so excited about! I always welcome an opportunity to get cheesily touristy in my own city, especially when it’s so easy to get settled into a routine here. For so long, London was my favorite city in the world, and I sometimes do forget that I live here… and only will live here for a short while longer. I don’t always take advantage of everything London has to offer, but I’m using my friends’ trip to ignite the spark to rediscover this amazing city. Here’s to a renewed sense of appreciation for the world around us!





6 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have London

  1. I love that you know way more about London & England than I do. I hope to have time to get out and see the things you have seen. We are thinking of coming out this Summer, not sure of the dates yet, but I’ll plan to try to see you if it’s before you leave. It would be fun to see you in London instead of Katy or “The Colony”, Texas. I love it there too. It’s crazy because America is supposed to be the land of the free but I feel more liberated in England. I feel free in Cabo too, but this year we have to cancel Cabo because of drug violence. I am not trying to get caught in drug cartel drama while soaking up the sun. Cheers!

    1. I would LOVE to see y’all on this side of the ocean! Just booked my new ticket home for mid-September, so I’ll definitely be around during the summer!!! Keep me posted x

  2. This is a great post. I feel the same way when we get family and friends visiting here in PC. I forget how perfectly gorgeous our turquoise and emerald ocean waters are and how pristine our beaches are when they are clean and as white as snow. I have lived here so long and forget that we live in a major tourist destination of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It is great to rediscover and enjoy the places we live and work. I love that you are the perpetual enthusiastic tourist who enjoys every destination and that every day is a new journey and a new experience. I do believe we have that in common. …. living for joy, people, places, good food and life experiences. I LOVE your blog Monique and will continue to lament for your first novel until it is in my hands, with a nice cup of tea, of course! Have you considered a PhD from a University in England? You are so amazing!!

    1. I feel the same way when we visit Florida! Going all these years, I definitely take it for granted and I have to remind myself people pay boats of money to experience it ONCE! So lucky we get to experience all these wonderful places!

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