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The Irish Invasion

I met my Irish friends Áine and Lochlainn by chance two years ago. (But isn’t that how we meet most of our friends?) I was at a job interview, which lead me to meeting Maggie (who’s American, but based in Dublin), who invited me out that night to meet her friends which essentially lead to me creating the little Irish pseudo-family I never knew I was missin’ in life. I honestly believe fate brought us all together because I can’t imagine life without them!

This past weekend, Áine and Lochlainn came to visit me in London and it was actually the best weekend evaaaaar. We’re all the same age, and we just vibe. They’ve been dating for like twenty-five years almost a decade and are literally so much fun to be around. We did THA MOST, but the best part was that we had no agenda. Every morning started with “Well, at some point I’d like to do A and B,” and it was so different than my usual Type-A systematic ways and I rolled with it and it was great!

Despite not having a set itinerary, in the span of 48 hours we: devoured several English breakfasts, drank before noon at my favorite boat bar overlooking Big Ben, stumbled upon a massive pro-EU rally near Westminster, got lost at the Camden markets, ate the best gyro ever, bought bougie beers and watched the sunset over Primrose Hill, were denied from Sky Garden not once but twice, fed llamas at the petting zoo behind my flat, wandered through Greenwich Market, watched where time starts at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, ran to catch the sunset in Canary Wharf, and bar-hopped in Shoreditch.

Lochlainn works in film, so I’ll just let his trained-eye-dang-dese-legit snapshots further sum up our weekend…

First off, #CoupleGoals


I am entirely London, compete with RBF
We crossed the street and didn’t realize he had stayed behind
Trying to Boomerang for #TheInsta
Lock loves us, I swear
We HAULED ASS to catch this view! Worth it.
The casual view from Greenwich
Quiet London streets- a rarity
How cute is my little Irish bae dfskadjfkldj y’all, I CANNOT

I once had an existential crisis where I realized that I’d never be in a room with all my favorite people at once (simply because they’re all over the world… first-world problems, I know), but how blessed I am to have bits of my heart woven throughout the globe. I love these people so so so so so so so so much and they’re basically my pseudo-siblings (LOL, as if I didn’t have enough real ones) from now through eternity. Dang. Y’all got me in my feels now. Okay, I’m done being sappy. BRB, going to pop a small child’s balloon or something.




2 thoughts on “The Irish Invasion

  1. My heart is happy knowing you have people in Europe that love you. Fun times! Making memories! Living! I LOVE IT! More importantly, I LOVE YOU!

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