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Dubs and a Ramble

I haven’t traveled much during my time here in London, primarily because I’m so busy balancing work and my course load. However, I recently ventured back to Dublin (AKA my second home) to catch up with my little #IrishFam. I hadn’t visited Dublin since November! I was overdue for a visit.

It was my friend Lochlainn’s birthday, so our little group road tripped to the countryside and rented out a cozy townhome. We stayed up till 5 playing board games, eating cake, and concocting boozy drinks. I can’t help but feel a little sad that I can’t make memories with these people more often, but I do appreciate the time we do get together! As my time abroad goes on and comes to an end for what seems to be the last time, I do love that I’ve been able to stay so close to my Ireland friends, my OG Europeans!

2017-06-03 21.22.08.jpg
Historic Christ Church Cathedral
2017-06-03 21.21.38.jpg
St. Stephen’s Green
2017-06-03 21.20.02.jpg

One thing that has changed about Dublin’s landscape is that the number of Texas imports is increasing! I got lunch one afternoon in trendy Ballsbridge with a girl I went to high school with, Khaki (who is now in Dublin doing the Working Holiday Visa). Khaki and I never even exchanged a bless you in high school, but nothing instantly bonds you like being in a foreign country at the same time. It was somewhat surreal to be able to make references while in Ireland to our old lives- our shared neighborhood back home, and to just talk about how much we miss Chick-Fil-A. I also hung out with my friend Shelby, who I went to university with in Texas, and her hilarious German hubs at their adorable newlywed flat. I frikin’ love being around them because they. are. so. funny! Germans don’t seem to have a filter so her husband is constantly saying super direct things that just crack me tf up. I love it.

This coming fall, I have another friend going to Ireland for grad school, and another friend going on a Working Holiday Visa to teach. As the OG Ireland invader, I’d like to think that all this international livin’ has a little something to do with me (LOL, that’s cocky…). If anything, I hope I’ve made international livin’ seem less scary for those wanting to adventure abroad! Do it! It’s so worth it. Email me. Let’s get u dere, shawty.

I’ve been asked who inspired me to come abroad the first time and the anti-climatic answer is no one, really? I do remember watching Madeline about 700 times on VHS when I was little, and I would spend hours perfecting Madeline’s British accent (British accent…? Yet Madeline is supposed to be French…? The things we notice when we’re older…). I actually got so good at the accent my dad would make me speak to his British co-workers with it, something that was almost as embarrassing for me as when he would drive me to kindergarten on his motorcycle. Five-year-old Monique actually begged for Madeline’s shoulder length haircut, and I lamented the fact that I wasn’t an orphan living in a Parisian boarding school. It’s just not fair. Why do I have to have parents. DADDY. I want a boarding house too! So… I guess since 1998, when the movie came out and my kinder friends were still having accidents, I knew I was destined for a filled passport.

Well. I guess you could say I was probably inspired by Madeline. Thanks, Madeline. U rock.

I think that’s enough rambling now. I’m sitting in a cafe in South Kensington waiting for my friends to show up for brunch, so I guess I should go find them now…




One thought on “Dubs and a Ramble

  1. Kik I was totally reading your blog with a glint of expectation that you were going to say “my Tia Rosie inspired me to travel abroad”…..It was so deflating when I got to the Madeline segment. OH my! Now who do you get the “that’s cocky” of me from? Well, that might be me! Haha! I still love reading your blog and can’t wait for more blogs to come before you leave London! I think you are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends in Ireland and England. Enjoy your time there! God bless! ….P.S. I love your photos so please keep adding them to your blog. Signed Rosie TGOAT

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