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The Champagne Life

This past spring, in addition to assisting in the general study abroad experience for our spring kiddos, I helped with a lot of the logistics for our summer custom programs (CPs)! This involved countless hours of planning tours and pricing out activities for our many CPs that visit London for short summer immersion trips. I recently lead my first CP group here in London and LOVED it! Seeing all of the things we planned for these groups pay off after months of planning was such a rewarding feeling. And there’s also nothing I love more than helping college kids fall in love with my city, and seeing them transform from somewhat-timid tube riders to confident explorers. Here are some of the amazing things I got to take them to experience…

Double decker tours through London
River cruise on the Thames
Dinner overlooking Tower Bridge
Roald Dahl Museum
Sunday roast- the best I’ve had!
A gloomy afternoon in Bath
Messy Oxford University traditions
Oxford University

I currently am living the most champagne life I’d never be able to afford if I wasn’t #blessed with my job. Museums… day trips… afternoon tea at Harrods! I’m basically paid to go on vacation in my own fabulous adopted city and am loving every minute of it. We’ve only been in summer mode for a few weeks now but it’s been so much fun getting to meet college kids from all over the country and seeing them fall in love with London like I did the first time I was here many moons ago. I feel like I’ve already experienced so many new things and eaten so many good foods that I really can’t believe I get to have two more months of this!

Purchase or leftover pastries?
Matilda and Macarons
Summertime at the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour

My favoriteee things I’ve gotten to do recently were:

  1. Afternoon tea at Harrods because I love being bad and boujee
  2. The night we got gift boxes of LadurĂ©e macarons and then saw Matilda in London’s West End theatre district because I have become quite the theatre (and macaron) fiend.
  3. THE DAY I MADE MY THIRD VENTURE TO THE WARNER BROS HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR because last time I was there exactly 29 days prior I was mid-deadlines for school and this time I was stress-free and also HELLO that studio tour is always a great way to spend a day especially now that it’s summertime and they serve Butterbeer ice cream. YUM.

Dang y’all. Life is good.





3 thoughts on “The Champagne Life

  1. Going out with a big gigantic floating bubble I see! You’re walking on sunshine and don’t it feel good!? Hey! Well?! Don’t it feel good?!! Enjoy and please blog it all girl! We need all the exciting details!!!!

  2. Sign me up! Food and sightseeing is what I love! What a dreamy way to “work”! I love it, and thanks for letting me experience it all through you!

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