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Goodbye 24!

I turned 25 earlier this month and as I enter this year I am filled with both anxiousness and curiosity of where this year will take me. So much can happen in a year… one of my best friends recently commented, “You could have a baby by the end of the year!” LOL. OK. HELL. NO. As I reflect on the blessings of 24, I still in awe of some of the things I was able to experience simply because I trusted in the plan.

Acquired a honorary holiday home in Vail
Became a theatre aficionado
2017-03-21 11.25.28
Embraced sports! omg
Became an expert on England’s landmarks
Got paid to take kids to ~HP world~
Ventured to Liverpool!
Fell in love with Sorrento
Got to show one of my best friends all my favorite places!
Did allllllllll the English tings
Finally got to travel with my favorite Irish nuggets!
Won a year’s supply of CFA!

How can 25 top 24?! I don’t know what my 25th year has in store, but I look forward to the challenges, blessings, and opportunities that will inevitably unfold this year!





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