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Happy Thanksgiving!

Going through immigration at the Dublin airport as I was en-route to see my Irish friends for Thanksgiving was…interesting. I no longer have an active residency card, but I still feel Ireland woven through my veins. The immigration officer asked me a million questions as to what I was doing there as if I didn’t… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hello, Dublin, My Old Friend

Apologies for the delay in writing… one moment you’re applying for grad school, the next you’re way deep in articles, class, and the underground. But, I’m back! I decided to dip out on America early and head to Ireland two weeks before my MA program began to catch up with my Ireland friends, eat every… Continue reading Hello, Dublin, My Old Friend

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Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. I)

A few months ago, my dad and I surprised my mom with a round-trip ticket to Dublin. She was overcome with emotion at the thought of leaving her babies (my little brothers) for a week, but alas she was able to overcome that and grew very keen on the idea of seeing my world over… Continue reading Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. I)

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Still Not an Expert

“Hey girl! So, since you’re the travel expert, can you help me…” In the midst of my travel experiences, I’ve often been solicited for travel advice. While I love and welcome any questions people may have regarding seeing the world, by no means am I an expert. I still make mistakes. Has that not been transparent through this… Continue reading Still Not an Expert

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To the Land of Our Forefathers – London, England

London is my favorite city in the whole world. Even before my initial visit two years ago, I knew I was an Anglophile- that is, a person with a deep admiration for Britain. I’ve loved England for so long, I even started a British club in high school. Though it didn’t last long, it was… Continue reading To the Land of Our Forefathers – London, England