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London To-Dos

These last few weeks that I was in London were spent wrapping up my semester, battling a horrendous week-long cold, and doing quintessential London things before I returned to the New World. These things included… Winter Wonderland! For those unfamiliar, Winter Wonderland is essentially a Christmas carnival on steroids. I was entirely mentally unprepared the first… Continue reading London To-Dos

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Going through immigration at the Dublin airport as I was en-route to see my Irish friends for Thanksgiving was…interesting. I no longer have an active residency card, but I still feel Ireland woven through my veins. The immigration officer asked me a million questions as to what I was doing there as if I didn’t… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

England · Grad School · London · The UK

London – the One Month Update

I can’t believe that I’ve already been in London for a month! Time is flying here and I’m trying to savor it because I know it’s going to be over in a hot minnit. Here are some life updates: I only have classes two days a week- I’m taking three classes that each meet once a… Continue reading London – the One Month Update