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London To-Dos

These last few weeks that I was in London were spent wrapping up my semester, battling a horrendous week-long cold, and doing quintessential London things before I returned to the New World. These things included… Winter Wonderland! For those unfamiliar, Winter Wonderland is essentially a Christmas carnival on steroids. I was entirely mentally unprepared the first… Continue reading London To-Dos

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Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. I)

A few months ago, my dad and I surprised my mom with a round-trip ticket to Dublin. She was overcome with emotion at the thought of leaving her babies (my little brothers) for a week, but alas she was able to overcome that and grew very keen on the idea of seeing my world over… Continue reading Mama & Mo vs. Europe (pt. I)

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To the Land of Our Forefathers – London, England

London is my favorite city in the whole world. Even before my initial visit two years ago, I knew I was an Anglophile- that is, a person with a deep admiration for Britain. I’ve loved England for so long, I even started a British club in high school. Though it didn’t last long, it was… Continue reading To the Land of Our Forefathers – London, England