Sydney, Australia

Intro: Sydney, Australia. A land so far, yet they speak English… so how different can it really be? My Australian friends are so much fun and for as ridiculous and crazy as they are, I knew their country had to match their personas. You really can’t sum Sydney up in one word. It’s rambunctious, yet sweet, like your little sister who dropped out of college to pursue her writing career on an island in Greece. It’s laid back, yet full of life. It’s surfer, yet metropolitan. The city founded by convicts runs wild and free, and is definitely a treat for all who pass through. For my journal-esque entry on Sydney, click here.

Eat: Sydney is hella expensive. Everywhere we went, we slyly looked at menus before walking into the restaurants and eateries to check what the damage would be. We did treat ourselves to a fancy Aussie treat we hadn’t ever seen before- iced coffee kept cold with the help of a scoop of ice cream. Genius! The ice-cream acts as cream and sugar all in one, and eventually melts into a creamy frothy blend. For as lazy as Americans are, I’m shocked we didn’t think of this sooner. We also ate kangaroo burgers (by mistake). They were gamey like deer, and I probably wouldn’t try one again… but I was glad we tried them once!

Sleep: We booked our hostel last minute and it was HORRIBLE. We didn’t even get a duvet- just a sheet to sleep on and in. Gross. Next time I’d stay at Wake Up! Sydney Central. It’s got amazing ratings, and I’ve heard from numerous people that it’s one of the best hostels in the world to stay at. C’est la vie. Next time, I will gladly pay the extra $10 per night to get a proper night’s rest free of druggies partying till 3 am. UGH.

Trek: We took a flight from Bangkok to Sydney on AirAsia; round-trip, our flights were about $450 each. Sydney city center (how’s that for a mouthful!?) was relatively easy to get to from the airport, though it was a bit expensive. With convenient metro stops through the city, it wasn’t a far walk from the metro stop to our shady AF hostel. Did I mention our hostel was in the former red-light district? Geesus.

Do: There is so much to see! From a trip to Bondi Beach (easily accessible by bus from central Sydney), to a casual sit on the steps in front of the Sydney Opera House, you can see anything and everything. Walking through the Rocks, the historical British-y looking part of town, is a treat, and so is wandering through Luna Park, the small amusement park with views of the Sydney Harbour. To get to Luna Park requires a walk across the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge, which gives you AMAZING views of the city. You’ll really be counting your blessings from the great views up there! In town, another cute place to check out is the Queen Victoria Building. It looks so regal inside! If the outdoors are your thing, and you want to stay in town, you can definitely find beauty in the Royal Botanic Garden, located east of the Sydney Opera House. Also by the Royal Botanic Garden is Hyde Park (yes, like THAT Hyde Park), which has been around since the early 1800s.

Summarization: I can’t wait to go back to Australia! My next goal is to do a walk across the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A trip to Melbourne is also on the list too- always gotta stay on the move!

Extra Notes:

  • We took a free walking tour of Sydney and of the Rocks and they were great!