Wanderlust Links

an ongoing list of helpful links

For Working Holiday Visa Information:

For Accommodations:

  • Hostelworld: I trust this website over all the other ones! You can sort by rating, price, and read current reviews about the places you’re staying. I found my favorite hostel in the world through them. $5 a night for marble flooring, granite counter tops, and original 17th century frescoes on the ceilings!
  • Couchsurfing: I used this once with good luck and once with terrible luck! I’ve put it on here just so y’all know it’s an option. Use at your own risk!
  • airbnb: I do not recommend airbnb. I had a terrible experience with it in Paris- we were left stranded with nowhere to stay! But maybe you’ll have a different experience. I’ve had friends who have gotten lucky, but I personally won’t use it again.

For budget flights within Europe:

  • EasyJet: EasyJet is my favorite European airline. It reminds me so much of Southwest Airlines in the States, and they’ve also got a great app that makes keeping all your flights in check easy as pie. Flights are reasonably priced and you even get a nifty magazine to read during your flight that’s actually very well versed! Prices range, but I paid about $140 to fly from Italy to Barcelona with two days notice.
  • Ryanair: The perfect little Irish budget airline for hopping around Europe. Flight prices range a bit depending on where you want to go, but think around $100 for a flight to Morocco from Italy (a 5 hour flight), and $20 for a flight from Dublin to Brussels (a 2 hour flight). The baggage limits are tiny, and you pay for everything extra, but with the right planning it can be a great opportunity to check out new places on the cheap.
  • Wizz Air: Wizz Air is another alternate option to budget travel. I place it a little below Ryanair, though not by much. A Hungarian budget line, there’s little extras served with your inexpensive plane ticket. It’s a good way to hop around Eastern Europe, if you don’t mind the cramped travel quarters. And the tiny baggage allowances. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Bus services within Europe:

  • Megabus: I’m delighted to be able to use cheap and consistent Megabus in Europe! My favorite buy has been a bus ticket from Brussels to Paris for €1 ($1.10), but I’ve also more frequently seen tickets from, for example, London to Brussels, for €17 ($19). Generally, these tickets are way more affordable than taking a train.
  • Megabus Gold: This is a unique opportunity you can find in the UK- transit on a Megabus bus… but instead of seats inside, there’s just beds all along the walls! This sounds like something out of Harry Potter! Buy early, prices go up quick! Example: Glasgow to London cost- €34 ($38) for the eight hour overnighter.
  • PolskiBus: Don’t let the name fool ya, this bus service also can carry you out of Poland! Review to come, we’re taking this service from Warsaw to Krakow… a four hour bus ride, for just €4.50! Other examples of prices include $25 for an overnight ride from Krakow to Berlin.

General Travel Links:

  • Seat 61: If you want to know how any train or ferry system works, Seat 61 will explain everything out for you. It’s saved me multiple times!
  • Rome 2 Rio: This site makes it super easy to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B! Type in your A and B, and it’ll give you different ways to get there based on price and time.
  • Trover: If you’re looking for particularly pretty places to take pictures, you can find it on this Pinterest-esque site! All pictures provide detailed context so you can make sure you’re not missing out when you visit somewhere new!
  • Skyscanner: One of my favorite sites. You can literally type in your home airport, and make your arrival be “everywhere,” press enter, and it’ll give you the cheapest flight available anywhere with the dates you plugged in. Ahhh, dreamy.

Did I leave any of your favorite travel sites off? Drop it in my comments!


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